Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jilted lovers and broken hearts.


Such a cross to bear, such an addiction. I bought this lover-ly River Island jumper yesterday, to keep me warm through the winter in my college apartment, which I'm hoping will not be an ice-box like my house last year was!

Anyway, I like it, a bit Alexa Chung-esque. I want to wear it with sixties hair and make-up, to Bardot it up a bit. I love Brigitte Bardot so much (young Bardot, not slightly mental current Bardot!)

I also bought the new Brandon Flowers album, 'Flamingo', which I've been so excited about! So far, I'm loving it, especially 'Hard Enough' and 'Magdalena'. Now to scrape some cash together to see him live...

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